Our team is currently in need of two new reviewers in order to increase the quality of the issues that we publish once every few months. A reviewer’s activity mainly consists of critically analyzing the content of the scholarly works that were submitted to the journal. The review process can be a little lengthy due to the fact that the reviewer needs to carefully analyze and highlight all of the inconsistencies that a paper has, at the end of the process he/she will fill a report where the strong and weak points of the paper are to be listed. Besides this, the reviewer is responsible with giving the necessary assistance to the author so that the requested changes will be done within the imposed deadline.

The application process consists of sending the following documents through the form available on this page:

  •  an updated resume in English
  •  a cover letter in English
  •  a list of published articles/books and scientific activities (this can be included within the resume)

Evaluation of the application

  • the selected candidates will receive an article sample (2-3 pages) which they will have to review, this will be done in order for our team to evaluate their critical thinking skills.
  •  the sample will be a fragment from an already published article;
  • after the review is sent, a Skype interview will be scheduled;
  • the result will be sent to the candidate in maximum 2 days after the interview took place. 


No payment is included. All of our team’s members do their work pro bono. Reviewers will benefit from free training from our team that will greatly improve their writing and analytical skills, also they will have the opportunity of being closely involved in international market for scientific literature.