Contributors have a wide range of materials that they can submit to be included in the monthly issues of the Journal of Ethnophilosophical Questions and Global Ethics (JEQGE), from traditional articles to short-readings, book reviews, social commentaries and ethno-art. All human cultures manifested their take of beauty through various means, from pottery to architecture and painting. The study of humanity, and the multitude of cultures that it encompasses, would not be complete without the study of the art that was produced in various era and through the use of more rudimentary or sophisticated tools and techniques.

The Ethno-Art section from the Journal of Ethnophilosophical Questions and Global Ethics (JEQGE) seeks to promote artwork that is correlated with various aspects of ethnic culture, ranging from indigenous symbolism to scenes that show aspects concerning daily life, or various forms of one nation’s material heritage – traditional tools, vernacular architecture, forms of craftsmanship, traditional vehicles etc.

Contributors are also encouraged to submit artwork that is keen on reflecting the modern approach toward beauty and visual harmony. The artwork that is submitted can be more inclined toward symbolism and abstraction as a form of expression, or can be more heavily reliant on the tents put in place by figurative art.


The artwork will be submitted as an independent file, especially in case of those that take the form of images. In case of artwork that is in the form of images, the PNG format is the most suitable for publishing.

Depending on the size of the image file the editors will decide whether the image will be included within the issues (PDF file) or it will be included within an extension page that will be linked to the issue through a link.

In order to fulfill the publishing standards, the image should fill at least 70-80% of the page, also an important requirement is that the image should not get distorted when stretched, this is why the Editorial Board encourages that the images to be sent in PNG format.

The image should have clear margins, it is not encouraged adding on customized graphic margins and frames. The image should not have translucent spaces, all the areas need to be handled as solid surfaces.

We do not encourage adding on generic light and color filters in post-production, this can have a harmful effect on the overall quality of the artwork.

Check the document bellow to see the desirable format for images, videos and animations:
Ethno Art - Images, Videos, Animations

Artwork description

Every submitted work will be accompanied by a short description which will include the following highlights:

  • the story behind the image
  • used techniques
  • used materials
Inappropriate content

Works that contain messages that are centered around violence, vulgarity, or lack moral decency and aesthetic coherency will be dismissed.


All the submitted artworks need to be the exclusive property of the contributors. We strongly discourage submitting artwork that was published elsewhere. We admit publishing works that are already featured elsewhere if the contributors intervened with some changes, the work displaying a few notable differences by comparison with the first version.

If we are dealing with a collage-type work, it should not contain elements that are extracted from works that do not belong to the contributor.