Manuscript submission deadline: 15th of June

The Journal of Ethnophilosophical Questions and Global Ethics (JEQGE) is opening a call for papers for the 2019 midsummer non-themed issue. 

JEQGE accepts studies, book reviews and ethno art works. The submitted works should cover issues that are traditionally associated with the fields of ethnophilosophy, ethnology, ethnography, religious studies, ethics or where the study of traditional knowledge is a key focus.

Review policy:Review process

Minimum: 5 pages


articles (8 pages minimum)
short-readings (maximum 5 pages)
book reviews (2.5 pages maximum)
rare bibliographical sources


Jesus thou art the sinner’s friend: Christian takes on morality and secular life in the 21st century

The Journal of Ethnophilosophical Questions and Global Ethics (JEQGE) is opening a call for papers for the themed mid-year 2018 issue «Jesus thou art the sinner’s friend»  Christian takes on morality and secular life in the 21st century.

The submitted papers will have to analyze issue that deal with the Christian experience in the 21st century:

New Christian movements
Cults and religious radicalism
Christianity and Western Culture
Christianity and Paganism
Folk Christianity 
African Christianity
End times prophecies 
Eastern Christianity and Middle Eastern Christians
Christians and the mass media
Other topics can be suggested 

Format:Text format and plagiarism policy    

Review policy:Review process

Minimum: 5 pages

 articles (8 pages minimum)
 short-readings (maximum 5 pages)
 book reviews   (2.5 pages maximum)
 rare bibliographical sources


I searched for God and found only myself. I searched for myself and found only God

The Journal of Ethnophilosophical Questions and Global Ethics (JEQGE) is opening a call for papers for a themed issue on Islam, focusing on Islamic ethics and philosophy.
Suggestion for topics:

What is the difference between Sunnites and Shiite and their subgroups?
What does it mean to be a Muslim in a global multi-religious world?
Which values does Islam teach on piquant matters such as abortion or birth control?
What does Islam say about nature and environment? (Islam and Ecology)
Topics related to Early Islamic Philosophy, such as the Kalam or Falsafa.
Aristotelian Logic in Islamic philosophy
Avicenna Logic
Metaphysics and Ontology
Predestination and Determinism vs. Free Will and Non-Determinism
Natural philosophy (including Islamic cosmology)
Different views of different scholars on a certain aspect in the Sunnah
Islamic education – How to teach and receive Islam in a proper way?
The role of Islamic science in a global view
Epistemology in Islam
Birth and Death, the soul theory in Islam

Topics that do not constitute an interest for the current issue:

Avoid showing that your denomination of Islam is your preference (especially concerning Sunnites and Shiites)
Avoid political issues in which you try to show that a certain Islamic country is ruling the better Islam (especially when it goes to the Saudi Arabia-Iran conflict)
No topics allowed that defame Islam or insults the religion or its believers. We want to build bridges and tear borders apart and Islamophobia is definitely no great help on that.
Avoid topics that might degrade minorities in any form. Keep in mind, all Muslims are brothers and sisters!

Minimum: 10 pages

Review policy: Review process and the Board of Review


In Commemoration of the 200th Birthday of Karl Marx 

In 1818, the worldwide most prominent German scholar of all times - Karl Marx - was born in Trier. As a Trier-based journal, we want to honor the 200th birthday of the most important German philosopher with the special issue.

The following topics are demanded:
  • Essays about Karl Marx' life and lifetime.
  • Papers about the philosophy of Karl Marx
  • Papers about the worldwide influence that Marx had (you may pick a nation and show it)
  • Debunking the misinterpretations of Marx Global Marxism/ Marxist ethics.  
 Your paper shall be written in one of our recognize languages. The impact should be at about 5 pages at least, if you want to discuss a single thought or aspect of one of Marx' works; 

 At least 8 pages if you want to show the reception of Marx' work in a certain place or period; at least 10 pages, if you want to write about his biography, a Marxist work, the development of Marxism in a certain country, or Marxist backgrounds. 

There is no minimum limit if you want to debunk a misinterpretation, all papers should not have more than 20 pages each. Book reviews should contain at about 3-8 pages, artworks on Marxism are welcome (read our Ethno-Art section).